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Air Conditioning For Cafés

We work with a wide variety of food businesses, from busy food outlets to Michelin starred restaurants, single site operators to multi-nationals.

We offer flexible servicing and installation, including emergency, out of hours, early morning, and between lunch & dinner services. We can work within your schedule, ensuring there is minimal disruption to your operations. If you are opening a new location and want the air conditioning correctly designed, installed and on time, please give us a call.

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Espresso & Wine Bar in St Pauls

Espresso & Wine Bar in St Pauls wanted minimal disruption

We installed a new air conditioning system providing both cooling and heating for Artigiano Espresso and Wine Bar next to St Paul’s Cathedral on a snowy Sunday in December to ensure there was no disruption to normal business working hours and operations.

We worked six hours to complete the installation using specialist dustsheets and floor protection. When we had finished inside was warm at 21 degrees centigrade ensuring the perfect climate, air quality and temperature all year round for both customers and staff regardless of the temperature outside.

We were able to offer air conditioning leasing on the installation, with this financing helping to release cashflow for this growing company in a tax efficient manner.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe and cable system, allowing installation in as little as one day with minimal disruption, using a floor protection system and dustsheets.

We assist all our customers, to help them find the best solution for their criteria and within their budget.

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