Air Conditioning in Docklands E14

Installation of air conditioning for four rooms (three bedrooms and a living room) in this new build apartment in Docklands.

With views over the river and lots of glass, this highly insulated property previously became unbearably hot.

After having air conditioning installed this apartment has cool, crisp air and much improved air circulation.

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Home Air Conditioning Putney

This customer previously had air conditioning installed by us for their home gym room where they have their treadmill.

Following this they decided to add air conditioning for their master bedroom.

The installation was carried out in one morning, Clare knew what to expect as she was very happy with the first system and was very pleased to be getting bedroom aircon.

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Sheen Air Conditioning

Apartment on busy main through road in Sheen.

Gianina was hot and bothered finding it too noisy to open windows.

She had aircon installed for her bedroom and lounge.

The work was completed on Friday and she called us on Monday to tell us how much she enjoyed having aircon.

It completely changed her living environment within her apartment and she was kicking herself because she only wished she had done it sooner.

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Air Conditioning in Kensington for Period Property

This old Victorian period house in Kensington had air conditioning installed for the first time.

Previously it was very hot and as Richard was working from home he wanted aircon in his home office and at the same time decided to have his whole house air conditioned.

Richard’s dogs were very happy with the air conditioning, we also air conditioned the living area where he has his Peloton bike setup.

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Home Office Summerhouse Air Conditioning

Using his new summer house as a home office Mike found it hot and stuffy.

He was desperate for aircon. The installation was carried out in a few hours, he can now control the temperature and work in the perfect climate.

He can now work happily from home and is planning to get air conditioning for his flat.

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Loft Home Office Air Conditioning

Loft room converted to home office which was very hot, stuffy and uncomfortable.

This customer wanted the whole top floor air conditioned and the ability to control temperature and create the perfect environment.

They are now working in a cool comfortable environment

Discrete low level air conditioning were installed for two rooms on a Saturday.

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Mews House Air Conditioning

This customer wanted air conditioning for her mews house. This very busy lady was having her mews house redecorated  with a fresh look. She was very keen to get air conditioning installed for all the bedrooms upstairs.

She is now greatly enjoying her air conditioning – sleeping better, feeling fresher and more energetic.

She is now planning to have her kitchen air conditioned.

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Loft Air Conditioning in Wimbledon


This loft in Wimbledon was unbelievably hot for this couple and their new born baby.

They wanted cooling and clean pure air.

It’s their first time having air conditioning in their home, which has totally changed the room with the installation being carried out in one morning.

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House Air Conditioning in Chelsea

Air conditioning for terraced house in Chelsea.

Air conditioning systems were installed for two top floor rooms with all internal pipework concealed.

This was the owner’s first time having air conditioning, she is very pleased with the installation which was completed with no noise, mess or disruption.

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Home Air Conditioning Barnes


Another home air conditioning installation in the Barnes/ Mortlake area.

Jim had previously refurbished this terraced period house to be exactly how he wants it.

At the time of the refurbishment he didn’t realise his home would need aircon. After completion with lots of insulation and glass, inside the property was very hot and stuffy.

We helped him select low level radiator style units which suit his home.

We installed air conditioning for his son’s bedroom and the work/ living space, allowing him to work from home in comfort.

The installation for both rooms in was carried out in one day.

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House Air Conditioning in Barnes


Lulu had already had this lovely period home refurbished to a very high standard and thought she had missed her chance to have air conditioning installed in her house.

She was delighted to find air conditioning could still be retrofitted with minimal disruption at any time, as she didn’t want to go through anymore disruption.

With no dust and no mess, we installed air conditioning for all bedrooms. We custom matched the units to blend in, matching her wall colour and decor of her unique interior.

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House Air Conditioning Fulham


Christian immediately upon meeting us, was very comfortable and decided we were the ones for the job. He wanted air conditioning for multiple rooms in house.

When we arrived to start the installation in February, he decided immediately to air condition another bedroom in addition to the planned two bedrooms and a study.

In the home office we installed a unique Chelsea blue air conditioning unit to match his existing interior. Christian and Jacintha were excited and delighted with our home air conditioning installation which was completed within two days.

They then decided in June to call us back again to add another system to air condition the kitchen, with this being completed within one day.

Being a period property this was the first time for Christian having air conditioning, as well as the first time this period property has air conditioning.

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Loft Air Conditioning in Wandsworth


Recommended by Julia, we installed air conditioning in this period terraced house in Wandsworth for Charlie.

Charlie left in the morning for work and arrived home to fresh clean cool air in his home.

This home aircon installation was carried out in one day for the master bedroom and loft room.

Through Julia’s recommendations, we have been contacted from both inside and outside of London, including as far as Dorset and the Isle of Wight!

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Air Conditioning for Large House in Clapham


Recommended by Clive, another one of our customers in Battersea.

We installed air conditioning for the master bedroom with a ducted system in the loft space supplying cooling through ceiling vents and controlled using an infrared remote control.

In the second bedroom, as there was nowhere appropriate to conceal a ducted unit, a wall hung air conditioning unit was used.
Julia recommended us to her son, with us going on to install air conditioning in his home in Wandsworth.

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Flat Air Conditioning in Battersea


Previously James couldn’t leave the windows open due to noise, pollution, soot, and particulate matter. In fact when we first met him, this customer pointed out visible signs of pollution around the inside of his windows.

He is used to enjoying air conditioning at work and didn’t look forward to coming home to this stuffy well insulated new build property with lots of glass; which used to get unbearably hot.

James was worried about air quality, our air conditioning installation for his flat gave him a solution to air pollution and control over his flat’s temperature, now that his flat is fully air conditioned using radiator style units.

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House Air Conditioning in West Hampstead

West Hampstead

Air conditioning for modern glass house in West Hampstead.

Lots of glass, extremely hot and stuffy in all the rooms. We installed a ducted air conditioning unit in the attic ceiling void.

Climate controlled system for multiple rooms which totally transformed the top floor of the house.

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Home Air Conditioning in Putney SW15


Air conditioning for house on the end of terrace near the river in Putney.

Britt and Peter were recommended to us by Neil, another one of our customers in the area, who lives a few streets away.

We installed air conditioning in two loft bedrooms as well as the master bedroom in this family home.

Britt and Peter worked with the team selecting locations for the units. The installation was completed in two days, they are very pleased with our work and that we looked after their home.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in Notting Hill

Notting Hill

Gee already had air conditioning in a first floor bedroom. We installed an additional radiator style air conditioning system for the bedroom on the top floor.

This home air conditioning installation was completed on time and on schedule; just before he was due to go away on holiday.

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Air Conditioning for Big Living Room in Chiswick


We provided air conditioning for a big living room in this new build apartment in Chiswick. Barry lives with his family and wanted his large open plan living room air conditioned as it has lots of glass and insulation.

After consulting with us, he chose a flagship air conditioner model which features:

  • • Magic Eye which automatically monitors the position and body temperature of people in the room.
  • • Dual louvres which operate independently to thoroughly distribute airflow throughout the space.
  • • Stylish colour matched smart controller.
  • • Plasma quad filtration that filters out even microscopic particles.

This system is ideal for a big room such as this and for large open plan living spaces as it is capable of targeting two different locations in the same room simultaneously.

Barry was working from home on the day of installation and was very hospitable, sharing some jokes and getting on very well with the team!
He was impressed with the cleanliness and speed of installation.

This successful and thoroughly enjoyable installation was completed in one day with the air conditioning running just in time for when his children arrived home from school.

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Air Conditioning in Chelsea for Period Apartment


Period split level apartment above a historic inn located in Chelsea near to Sloane Square.

This was a challenging home air conditioning installation dealing with period features and concealing all internal pipework; was successfully completed within two days.

Air conditioning systems installed for the main living area and for the bedroom.

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Air Conditioning in Battersea


Alexander was really pleased with speed and tidiness of the installation. The works for both rooms were carried out in one day.

The customer is very happy with the new air conditioning.

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Whole House Air Conditioning NW3


Karmon had air conditioning in her property when she lived in America and is very technically literate.

She wanted her whole house air conditioned, as due to the large amounts of glazing it was getting unbearable in the summer.

She had previously spoken to other air conditioning companies but they failed to give her the confidence that her brief could be carried out.
She was very impressed when we were able to install air conditioning in her house in days; including all the children’s bedrooms, the master bedroom and living room.

The work included concealing pipework both internally and externally.
We worked as a team, delivering her brief in a short period of time with minimal disruption.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in Kensington


“Blue, blue, electric blue
That’s the colour of my room
Where I will live
Blue, blue
Pale blinds drawn all day
Nothing to do, nothing to say
Blue, blue
I will sit right down
Waiting for the gift of sound and vision
And I will sing” 

Lyrics by David Bowie, Installation by the Air Conditioning Team of blue unit to match existing interior.

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Air Conditioning Dartmouth Park NW5

Dartmouth Park

Air conditioning for two rooms in a new build town house which is highly insulated and was getting very hot.

Our team concealed pipework behind external panelling, leaving everything hidden.

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Air Conditioning in Chiswick


Air conditioning for a very busy family home in Chiswick.

The brief was to help the customer select a whisper quiet air conditioning system with air purification for their children’s bedrooms.

Now they can breath fresh clean air, helping them sleep on stuffy and hot summer nights when there is no air circulation. We ensured the perfect installation for the children. 

The installation was carried out successfully over two days. John and family was very pleased with our work and how we kept his house very clean and tidy throughout the air conditioning installation.

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Air Conditioning in Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge

We have previously installed air conditioning in one of the apartments at the Kew Bridge riverside development.

On this occasion, the developer approached us to do his multi-level houseboat.

We were honoured and pleased to install this air conditioning system on this wonderful unique river boat. This houseboat with a prime residential mooring has lovely views of the river directly opposite Kew Bridge.

The customer told us about his previous dilemma as most of the year it’s just too warm and stuffy inside. Now, he has air conditioning he has control over the temperature.

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Air Conditioning in Kings Cross

Kings Cross

Air conditioning for apartment situated on a very busy junction with lots of traffic, buses and city noise.

Inside the flat was very stuffy, with no air circulation. It was getting very hot, especially during summer.

Customer found it annoying to open windows due to noise and traffic pollution.

We worked with John to get the units located where he wanted them. John was very pleasantly surprised with the process and congratulated us on the installation.

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Air Conditioning for Mews House Near Hyde Park

Hyde Park

This renowned Professor of Surgery had previously used temporary air conditioning units but found them ineffective and noisy, and disliked having an ugly tube poking out the window.

She called us for a professionally installed air conditioning solution for her Mews house.

The new system provides near silent air circulation, whilst cooling and purifying the air.

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Air Conditioning for Living Room in Hackney


The customer was concerned with the air quality in London. 

They were previously using an electric heater and a fan, to attempt to regulate the temperature in their kitchen/ diner.

They now have energy efficient and effective heating and cooling, which they can use throughout the year.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in Wandsworth


We installed air conditioning in this lovely home in the master bedroom and guest room.

The customer already had air conditioning in the kitchen and on the top floor, they chose us in order to carry out this quick and clean installation with minimal disruption.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in Putney


The customer wanted air conditioning installed for the master bedroom of this immaculate family home.

She is very pleased with the installation which was carried out with no visible internal pipework, no dust and minimal disruption. Furniture and floor protection was used throughout the installation.

The customer complimented us on a clean and efficient job.

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Air Conditioning for Fifth Floor New Build Apartment

This new build apartment has lots of glazing and insulation.

This knowledgeable customer comes from a family background with many years experience in the construction industry. 

He personally chose us as the top engineers installing air conditioning in residential properties.

In order to reach some of the rooms we had to conceal pipework by running it through ceilings and walls to a total of four rooms.

We worked around the occupants with every room in the apartment in use, while we carried out the installation with minimal disruption.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in W2

Very respected medical professional living in a quaint mews house that was very hot in the summer and stuffy at other times of the year.

The customer wanted the master bedroom and guest room air conditioned with a whisper quiet system that cools the room effectively, providing clean air throughout the year.

Very impressed with the speed of installation and professionalism.
She is over the moon with her new air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning SW7


Recommended by neighbour in same apartment block in Kensington for which we had already installed an air conditioning system.

We installed air conditioning in the master bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The customer wanted to match the theme of the traditional interior in her period apartment with different unit types to best match each room.
We used furniture and floor protection throughout the installation.

The customer was very happy that we treated their home with respect and that their apartment was left clean, neat and tidy.

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House Air Conditioning in Battersea


The client wanted air conditioning for both cleaner air as well as for cooling and heating.

While the Kitchen/Diner and loft rooms were a priority, the client chose to have the whole house air conditioned as by doing so they were able to save money by having all the units installed at the same time.

Our office worked as a team with the client helping them choose the right design and specification of system for each room, at an affordable price. This ensured they achieved a fully air conditioned house which can be controlled by both app and infrared remote. Care was taken that no pipes or cables were visible in any of the rooms.

One of the client’s key criteria was that she didn’t want sub-contractors or an agency on commission working in her home.

She was pleased to know that we are not an agency and we don’t sub-contract out our projects. Our engineers have worked for us as part of our permanent team for over 10 years.

Once everything had been installed, the client was impressed with just how well the system works.

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Corner House in Putney SW15 With Unique Architect Designed Interior


The customer requested multiple rooms to be air-conditioned.

Son’s room on the top floor was stiflingly hot. The ground floor Kitchen/ Diner with a glass roof and patio doors were acting as a sun trap with considerable solar gain making it unusable at certain times of the day.

The customer particularly loves the features of the unit we chose for the main living area as it has completely transformed the space, these include:

Magic Eye which automatically monitors the position and body temperature of people in the room.

Dual louvres which operate independently to thoroughly distribute airflow throughout the space.

Stylish colour matched smart controller.
Plasma quad filtration that filters out even microscopic particles.

With the customer we worked as a team, selecting the right unit to match the style and decor of each room.

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Air Conditioning for Loft Bedroom in Hampstead, NW3


This busy television broadcast journalist and presenter urgently wanted her daughter’s loft bedroom air conditioned.

We were able to install a few days after our initial meeting, with the installation completed within one day.

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Living Room Air Conditioning for Earls Court Flat

Earls Court

An unusual installation where there was no obvious location on a flat wall for the two air conditioning units.

As a team we decided to build out small sections of two sloping walls in a sculptural manner allowing both good air circulation and an aesthetically pleasing solution with no visible internal pipework.

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Air Conditioning System For Coach House in Clapham SW4

Clapham, SW4

We, the air conditioning team, always enjoy unique properties such as this immaculate Coach House which is filled with artwork.

Anabela had already had air conditioning in previous properties and now wanted it in her London Coach House.

Her daughter’s room in particular, had no air movement and was extremely hot, making it almost unbearable and unliveable with her daughter having disturbed sleep.

The lounge and home study were typical of hot rooms with lots of glass.

There was minimal disruption during the installation which was important as Anabela works from home.

She was very happy once the installation was completed, as the new air conditioning completely changed the feel of the property making it feel wonderfully fresh.

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Three Storey Air Conditioning Installation Clapham, London


Anna in Clapham, London (SW4)

This recently married young couple live in a three story new build house in Clapham in a gated development.

Anna was very excited when we arrived. Couldn’t wait for us to install air conditioning for the master bedroom and her daughter Poppy’s room.

Previously she was concerned that Poppy’s small box room was overheating. Now she can relax knowing that she has the ideal temperature and can create her own climate.

Found perfect locations for indoor units which matched with the interior.

Minimal disruption and noise, no dust left. Furniture protection covers used throughout the installation.

Anna took her daughter to the lounge to play and sleep, while the engineers were working upstairs.

We vacuumed and cleaned both rooms before we went, leaving them immaculate like we had never been there.

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Home Gym Air Conditioning Hampstead NW3

Hampstead NW3

The interior designer, Peggy Prendeville, called on us after finding no-one else wanted or was capable of doing what she wanted to achieve in this unusual property in Hampstead, for her client who has very high standards. 

We worked with Peggy to conceal a ducted air conditioning system within home gym equipment.

The bespoke solution we created cools and filters the gym air, with the client commenting that it enhances the look of the gym equipment, improving the aesthetics with a grille.

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Loft Air Conditioning Installation Crouch End London, N8

Crouch End

David in Crouch End, London, N8

David called us out for his loft space at the top of the house.

This very spacious bedroom and ensuite were getting very hot as it receives lots of sun and has extensive glazing with lovely views over Alexandra Palace.

The space, was like a greenhouse, with heat coming through the glass, flat roof and rising from the rest of the property.

We installed one slimline designer air conditioning unit to cool the space that goes with the existing interior and decor.

There was minimal disruption, starting first thing in the morning and completed by early afternoon.

The customer can now use this loft bedroom at any time of day and at any time of year.

Whilst testing the air conditioning system, it was great to feel cool fresh air filling the room within minutes of switching the system on.

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Terraced House Air Conditioning Installation Ealing, London


Marion in Ealing

Medium sized, three-story mid-terraced house in the green borough of Ealing.

Floor to ceiling glass across the entire span of the top floor bedroom. Marion and her husband personally chose the location for the indoor air conditioning unit in the centre of the loft bedroom.

There was minimal disruption with the job completed by lunchtime.

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Air Conditioning New Build Apartment London, E2

London, E2

Highly insulated new build apartment on the seventh floor with a lot of glass and views over the city.

The open plan kitchen/ living room was hot and stuffy, even when it wasn’t sunny outside. In this flat, there was also the same issue in the bedroom.

The customer chose the positioning of both indoor air conditioning units for his home, in the lounge and the bedroom. Our customer greeted us with many welcome cups of coffee.

The installation was completed in one and a half days with no pipework visible within the property.

We looked after his home using furniture sheets and floor protection. Even Riley the pet dog was pleasantly surprised by the minimal disruption to his day.

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Period Victorian House in Fulham, London SW6 Over Three Floors


Chris and family wanted air conditioning installed ready for summer.

We installed units in the lounge, daughter Sophia’s room and loft room. They were pleased to find out the units can also be used for extra heating in winter.

They were very happy with the speed and cleanliness of the installation. They had a particular concern that a special table and piano were covered.

We use floor and furniture protection sheets on all home air conditioning installations.

The three units were installed in two days with minimal noise and disruption.

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Air Conditioning for Hay Fever Sufferer in Muswell Hill (next to Alexandra Palace)

Alexandra Palace

Elliot has an immaculate home in Muswell Hill next to Alexandra Palace.

He didn’t want to see any pipes or cables so we used our microsystem. He joking called us the “invisible tradespeople” with no noise and no visible pipework, saying it was like we were never there.

To his stunning modern kitchen/ dinner, we matched a piano black air conditioning unit.

In the master bedroom, we used the latest nano-technology to filter out pollen and other allergens.

Both hay fever sufferer Elliot and his wife have reported sleeping better and having more energy since the air conditioning system had been installed.

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Penthouse apartment in Docklands, London E14


We supplied and fitted an air conditioning system for this Docklands penthouse apartment providing them with clean air, allowing the owners to sleep better and to create their own climate within their home.

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Work Living Space in SE1 near the iconic Shard building and Borough Market


This newly converted former factory has plenty of natural light due to the extensive glazing, combined with good insulation this has created a literal hot-house.

John contacted us to install an air conditioning system which could make this work living space comfortably liveable during hot weather and sunny days.

They already had a wood stove for the winter months, now they have an air conditioning system both for cooling in the rest of the year and clean air every day.

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Old Victorian Period Home Air Conditioning Installation, London E1

London E1

Air Conditioning for an old Victorian period home within the trendy bustling triangle of Spitalfields, Whitechapel and Shoreditch in London E1 and a historic location central to Jack the Ripper’s London of the 1880s.

Stephanie wanted air conditioning for her family both to keep them cool and to provide clean air.

We installed units in the large open plan master bedroom and bathroom, as well as in the children’s room and the guestroom.

Before having the air conditioning installed she thought it would only be used once in a while, however since having it installed she has commented that it is being used all the time to provide clean air and filter out air pollution and diesel particulates using nano-technology.

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House in Battersea SW11 Air Conditioning


A fascinating lady Egyptologist, for medical reasons, wanted cool clean air, which she can control all year round in her kitchen/diner which is attached to a conservatory. As she regularly travels to Egypt on research trips, she commented, how quiet and effective her new system is, compared to what she had been used to previously. Her daughter was amazed, how it changed the climate within the room, getting rid of stale air, humidity, odours and making the room feel completely fresh.

Furniture protection sheets were used to protect her valuable antique furniture. The installation was completed in less than one day with minimal disruption.

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Bungalow Air Conditioning in Dorset


Prior to installation the householder wasn’t generally keen on air conditioning having only previously been acquainted with being blasted by car air conditioning. Room air conditioning is a completely different experience, subtly and evenly spreading throughout the room, dispelling stale air, both cooling and cleaning the air.

She was surprised when the nearly installed air conditioning system quickly got rid of odours from her son’s trainers and the chemical smell of new carpet.

Now she’s a big advocate of air conditioning and is already planning to install it in additional rooms.

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Installation of apartment air conditioning in Knightsbridge


This client was already used to having air conditioning in her other properties, and called us to urgent install a permanent solution to replace unsatisfactory temporary units.

When we arrived at the client’s flat, she was using portable air conditioning which was very noisy and not working effectively for the size of room.

She was fed up of having large ugly tubes poking out the windows and didn’t want to have to leave the windows open due both to security concerns and traffic noise.

The existing air quality was poor due to traffic pollution mixing with stuffy, warm stale air in the living area.

We responded to her requirements immediately, installing two radiator style air conditioning units which suited the arrangement of her large living area without disturbing the decor and theme of the room.

The work was carried out in one day with the external units discreetly placed on the balcony.

The newly professionally installed home air conditioning system we provided completely changing the dynamics of the air within the room, making it much fresher, cleaner and crisper.

The client commented that her new system immediately cooled the room, circulating and cleaning the air.

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Air Conditioning in Fulham SW6 for 1990s Townhouse in Gated Development


Chris was fed up of talking to other air conditioning companies who had a negative approach; and had been unable to find a solution which suited him and a contractor in which he had confidence.

Chris had got to the point where he assumed either that it was impossible to have his house air conditioned or that it would be really complicated and expensive.

After meeting with Chris and walking him through the options, he was assured that it was possible for him to have air conditioning using microbore pipes and cables.

We succeeded in achieving what he wanted, designing a system using four indoor units. After works were completed he commented that he was very pleased with the speed, tidiness and respect for his property.

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Air Conditioning Chelsea SW3


Olivia is an experienced local interior designer and property developer based in Chelsea. She spent a lot of time looking for the right air conditioning team to carry out her challenging installation. As this as for Olivia’s own apartment, with a high end luxury bathroom and kitchen, she was very particular about where to hide the pipework and to position the slimline designer units to compliment the interior while delivering ample levels of performance for the large aspects of the rooms.

On completion of works, Olivia was very happy and was keen to recommend our services to her clients.

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Loft Air Conditioning Dulwich SE21


Large period property undergoing major works and renovation. Two large bedrooms had been created during a loft conversion for the client’s daughters.

Client wanted to be able to economically heat the rooms through the winter (as the only source of heating) and cool the rooms in the hotter months on demand. She also wanted the system for air purification as her daughters have allergies.

She was delighted with the look of these low level units and was amazed at both the performance and quietness of the system.

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Bedroom Air Conditioning in Kensington for Old Period Home


We were referred to the customer by her existing builder, we were honoured to work in such a lovely old house.

Customer wanted a discreet and stylish air conditioning solution for her bedroom. The outdoor unit was discreetly placed on balcony at the rear of the property.

All pipework was hidden and the installation was carried out in one day with a minimum of noise, dust and fuss using dustsheets to protect the carpets.

Customer was amazed the system can be used throughout the year for both heating and cooling, and by the quietness of the system.

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Air Conditioning in Hackney for Semi Detached Home.


This home had recently had triple glazed windows and improved insulation installed to combat traffic noise as the rear of her property, which backs onto a busy road.

The lounge space was well insulated, quiet with no air flow or circulation.

The client had air conditioning in a previous property and knew she had to have air conditioning. She commented once you have air conditioning, there’s no going without it.

Now she doesn’t have to worry about security or noise issues, as she can enjoy the space in comfort while the windows remained closed.

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Air Conditioning SW13 – Large semi-detached property in Sheen.


While undergoing a refurbishment, the brief was to install a ducted unit hidden above an American fridge/ freezer concealed with cabinetry in this large kitchen/ diner, which has lots of glass and a skylight.

Client had been recommended by one of our existing customers.

We worked with their kitchen designer.

An additional unit installed in the adjacent room.

Customer was very particular about what they wanted to achieve and we worked with them as a team.

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Air Conditioning in Fulham SW6


Chose us to work in coordination with builders on house and loft refurbishment.

The client wanted the air conditioning taken care of at same time, as they were having other work done on their semi detached house. 

She knew she wanted to use the system for both heating and cooling the space.

Timely installation carried out to customer’s satisfaction.

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Air Conditioning in Islington for Family Home


Clare had come by recommendation from a friend who we had installed air conditioning for several weeks earlier.

Very keen on air conditioning as their children had problems sleeping during the previous summer. Concerned by poor air quality in London, we created a clean air zone for the children’s bedroom in the loft, which is also used as a living space.

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Loft Air Conditioning in Twickenham


Chris and Juliet had been searching for the right company and for the right unit which suited the interior of their loft space bedroom of their semi-detached house.

We assisted these I.T. specialists in finding an app control solution for their new air conditioning system, giving them total control all year round.

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Air Conditioning in Surrey


Loft was unbearable and unliveable in the summer.

Difficult to sleep or even be in the loft room.

The client called us out at the end of the summer, he didn’t want to suffer through another summer and planning ahead got his new air conditioning system installed ready for next summer.

The customer was surprised the system can also be used for heating. As he was not getting enough heat from the existing radiator in the winter, he was pleased his new air conditioning system can also be used to boost the existing heating.

This means he can use the system year round, whenever he wants.

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Air Conditioning in North London N11

Susan had already been through our website and had an idea of which units she wanted, choosing quiet units for the bedroom and the home study she uses for work. For the kitchen, the black unit chosen makes a design statement with a rotating heat sensing magic eye which automatically monitors the position and body temperature of people in the room and independent dual louvres to thoroughly distribute airflow throughout the space. As she suffers from allergies and was concerned about local traffic pollution, air purification was a particularly important feature.  

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Air Conditioning in Winchmore Hill N21

In this property we air conditioned a loft bedroom and a kitchen/diner with attached conservatory. Creating a better living environment with cooler and cleaner air.

This doctor wanted to control the temperature. He had been suffering during the summer, in this very well insulated property with no air flow. 
Loft bedroom was stuffy all year round, it was even stuffy in January when we carried out the installation on a really cold day.
Once the new system was switched on the air started circulating, quickly freshening the space.

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Twickenham Air Conditioning

Located in Twickenham backing onto a canal, this property is highly insulated with lots of glazing and glass panels making it unlivable in the summer. The owner didn’t want to suffer through another summer and called us in.

We provided air conditioning for this industrial style split level apartment in a mixed use gated development with quiet and powerful units in black to match the beams and window frames. The systems have an air purification button turning the living spaces into a clean zone and are used for both heating and cooling, ensuring the perfect temperature all year round.  

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Home Air Conditioning Battersea

A very well insulated and stuffy terraced house in Battersea. Simply opening windows wasn’t a solution due to traffic noise and air pollution in the area. The customer had tried fans but they didn’t work for her and she didn’t want a temporary system with an unsightly tube sticking out the window.

The customer wanted to sleep better, so called us in to air condition her bedroom. Once we had this first system installed and circulating the air, it changed the whole atmosphere in the room. The customer immediately decided she had to have air conditioning in the downstairs living area as well, to remove odours and condition the air.

Working from home as an opera and classical singing teacher, she now has an air conditioned property, perfect for both visitors and clients.

The customer was especially pleased with the speed of installation, with all internal pipework hidden and minimal mess & disruption.

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Home Gym Air Conditioning


Air conditioning for home gym on ground floor of this house in Putney.

The customer wanted to cool both the room and himself whilst running on his treadmill.

Having air conditioning installed allows him to keep cool both during and after running and breath clean air while exercising.

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