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Call 020 7738 8666

Commercial air conditioning covers a variety of applications including air conditioning for offices, cafés, restaurants, specialist food outlets and retail spaces.

In recent years a number of leasing companies now offer facilities on air conditioning, helping commercial customers manage their cash flow in a tax efficient way. It also establishes a relationship and line of credit with the leasing company, allowing them if they choose to finance future equipment purchases in other categories.

We can assist in matching you with a leasing company if you are considering financing your air conditioning installation. Call us today on 020 7738 8666

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe and cable system, allowing installation in as little as one day with minimal disruption, using a floor protection system and dustsheets.

We assist all our customers, to help them find the best solution for their criteria and within their budget.

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