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Regulating your conservatory temperature – keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Conservatories can get too hot in summer and too cold at other times of the year.

Lots of glass means lots of natural light, but it can also act as a suntrap leaving you feeling like you are in a hothouse.

The air conditioning systems will install work for both heating and cooling. The new modern range have considerably lower running costs than using fan heaters, electric under floor heating or oil radiators.
In fact it’s the most energy efficient way of heating and cooling a conservatory.

With limited wall space, large areas of glass and a small dwarf wall there may be limited space for an air conditioning unit.

We have worked with the manufacturers to design specific units ideal for conservatories, we have a solution to provide a modern slimline air conditioning system to filter the air removing odours and resolve your conservatory temperature issues.

In certain situations it may not possible to have an outdoor unit, we have options that use an indoor air conditioning unit only.

slim line air con

Conservatory fans only move the air around, they don’t reduce the temperature. Conservatory blinds block out natural light and of course cannot be used to heat the space. Other heating options have much higher running costs and are unable to cool your conservatory.

An air conditioning system is the only solution which solves both problems with conservatory use – reducing the temperature when it gets uncomfortably warm and raising the temperature when it’s too cold.

Air conditioning is more affordable than you think. More and more conservatory owners are installing air conditioning to solve the problems they previously had with extreme temperature swings

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