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Server Room Air Conditioning

By Fitting more storage capacity and processing power into a limited space can generate a lot of heat. Keep your equipment functioning properly and prevent avoidable crashes, overheating, shutdowns and hardware failures, while extending its operational lifespan.Overheating can lead to power supplies, memory chips and processors failing immediately or in the following days and weeks.

We can provide an emergency response for air conditioning for server rooms and comms rooms where the system has gone down or is not functioning correctly.

We can do emergency repairs as well as emergency installations.We can also provide routine servicing, advise on lowering energy costs and increasing reliability & redundancy.

We can help to design an effective and economical (in terms of both physical space and money) air conditioning system for your new server room or to replace an existing ageing or unreliable system.

We can design a system for you with a fail-safe, so even in the event of one unit failing to operate there is another to act as a backup.

We supply equipment which is suited for comms and server room applications. Beware other companies quoting for cheap equipment, as this may only operate when the outside temperature is above ten degrees centigrade.

Every winter we get calls from companies where their server room air conditioning has cut out because the outdoor temperature is too low for their equipment to work despite the fact the servers are overheating inside.

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