Demand for air conditioning is rising every year, with projects from single rooms to whole buildings being started and completed all year round. At certain times, we may offer special discounts and promotions which are strictly limited and subject to availability. Any currently available offers will appear below.

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Benefits of Air Conditioning (many of them reported to us by our customers)


At a push of a button you can turn on your air conditioning to create your own climate.

The system can be used to both cool and heat to your ideal temperature at any time of the year.

Circulates and filters the air within a room in minutes, helping you feel fresher and have more energy.

When you arrive home you can have clean quality air at the right temperature.


Removes pollutants, condensation, moulds and unpleasant odours.

Minimises irritants (such as pollen) for people with allergies and asthma.

No matter what the environment outside, you can create your own clean air zone within your home.

Helps keep out insects and parasites.

Heat is a contributing factor in many more hospitalisations than are officially recorded as being due to heatstroke. With higher heat, comes increased heart rates and higher blood pressure. Air conditioning helps immediately relieve this. It avoids dehydration, as you will not be losing fluids and nutrients via excessive sweat. People with air conditioning report better, longer, and undisturbed sleep.

Better security – no need to worry about leaving doors and windows open or pets running away.

Reduced outside noise (e.g. traffic noise) – you can shut out exterior noise without having to suffer in the heat


For those in highly insulated, new-build properties and recently refurbished/ extended homes with extensive glazing (glass walls and ceilings) air conditioning is the only real solution

Nothing is worse than a smelly room full of stale air – for family and festive gatherings in your home, air conditioning will remove the discomfort of hot and stuffy rooms.

When you spend time at home, air conditioning ensures you can fully enjoy all parts of your home at all times of the year – whether it be a bedroom, loft room, living area or a conservatory.

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