Air Conditioning in Docklands E14

Installation of air conditioning for four rooms (three bedrooms and a living room) in this new build apartment in Docklands.

With views over the river and lots of glass, this highly insulated property previously became unbearably hot.

After having air conditioning installed this apartment has cool, crisp air and much improved air circulation.

Sheen Air Conditioning

Apartment on busy main through road in Sheen.

Gianina was hot and bothered finding it too noisy to open windows.

She had aircon installed for her bedroom and lounge.

The work was completed on Friday and she called us on Monday to tell us how much she enjoyed having aircon.

It completely changed her living environment within her apartment and she was kicking herself because she only wished she had done it sooner.

Flat Air Conditioning in Battersea


Previously James couldn’t leave the windows open due to noise, pollution, soot, and particulate matter. In fact when we first met him, this customer pointed out visible signs of pollution around the inside of his windows.

He is used to enjoying air conditioning at work and didn’t look forward to coming home to this stuffy well insulated new build property with lots of glass; which used to get unbearably hot.

James was worried about air quality, our air conditioning installation for his flat gave him a solution to air pollution and control over his flat’s temperature, now that his flat is fully air conditioned using radiator style units.

Air Conditioning for Big Living Room in Chiswick


We provided air conditioning for a big living room in this new build apartment in Chiswick. Barry lives with his family and wanted his large open plan living room air conditioned as it has lots of glass and insulation.

After consulting with us, he chose a flagship air conditioner model which features:

  • • Magic Eye which automatically monitors the position and body temperature of people in the room.
  • • Dual louvres which operate independently to thoroughly distribute airflow throughout the space.
  • • Stylish colour matched smart controller.
  • • Plasma quad filtration that filters out even microscopic particles.

This system is ideal for a big room such as this and for large open plan living spaces as it is capable of targeting two different locations in the same room simultaneously.

Barry was working from home on the day of installation and was very hospitable, sharing some jokes and getting on very well with the team!
He was impressed with the cleanliness and speed of installation.

This successful and thoroughly enjoyable installation was completed in one day with the air conditioning running just in time for when his children arrived home from school.

Air Conditioning in Chelsea for Period Apartment


Period split level apartment above a historic inn located in Chelsea near to Sloane Square.

This was a challenging home air conditioning installation dealing with period features and concealing all internal pipework; was successfully completed within two days.

Air conditioning systems installed for the main living area and for the bedroom.

Air Conditioning in Kings Cross

Kings Cross

Air conditioning for apartment situated on a very busy junction with lots of traffic, buses and city noise.

Inside the flat was very stuffy, with no air circulation. It was getting very hot, especially during summer.

Customer found it annoying to open windows due to noise and traffic pollution.

We worked with John to get the units located where he wanted them. John was very pleasantly surprised with the process and congratulated us on the installation.

Air Conditioning for Fifth Floor New Build Apartment

This new build apartment has lots of glazing and insulation.

This knowledgeable customer comes from a family background with many years experience in the construction industry. 

He personally chose us as the top engineers installing air conditioning in residential properties.

In order to reach some of the rooms we had to conceal pipework by running it through ceilings and walls to a total of four rooms.

We worked around the occupants with every room in the apartment in use, while we carried out the installation with minimal disruption.

Air Conditioning SW7


Recommended by neighbour in same apartment block in Kensington for which we had already installed an air conditioning system.

We installed air conditioning in the master bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The customer wanted to match the theme of the traditional interior in her period apartment with different unit types to best match each room.
We used furniture and floor protection throughout the installation.

The customer was very happy that we treated their home with respect and that their apartment was left clean, neat and tidy.

Living Room Air Conditioning for Earls Court Flat

Earls Court

An unusual installation where there was no obvious location on a flat wall for the two air conditioning units.

As a team we decided to build out small sections of two sloping walls in a sculptural manner allowing both good air circulation and an aesthetically pleasing solution with no visible internal pipework.

Air Conditioning New Build Apartment London, E2

London, E2

Highly insulated new build apartment on the seventh floor with a lot of glass and views over the city.

The open plan kitchen/ living room was hot and stuffy, even when it wasn’t sunny outside. In this flat, there was also the same issue in the bedroom.

The customer chose the positioning of both indoor air conditioning units for his home, in the lounge and the bedroom. Our customer greeted us with many welcome cups of coffee.

The installation was completed in one and a half days with no pipework visible within the property.

We looked after his home using furniture sheets and floor protection. Even Riley the pet dog was pleasantly surprised by the minimal disruption to his day.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe & cable system, no ducting required. One day installation with minimal disruption. Fuss-free, dust free. Using a floor protection system & both plastic and cloth dust sheets, we will leave your home spotless – as though we were not even there.

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