Air Conditioning in Kings Cross

Kings Cross

Air conditioning for apartment situated on a very busy junction with lots of traffic, buses and city noise.

Inside the flat was very stuffy, with no air circulation. It was getting very hot, especially during summer.

Customer found it annoying to open windows due to noise and traffic pollution.

We worked with John to get the units located where he wanted them. John was very pleasantly surprised with the process and congratulated us on the installation.

Air Conditioning for Fifth Floor New Build Apartment

This new build apartment has lots of glazing and insulation.

This knowledgeable customer comes from a family background with many years experience in the construction industry. 

He personally chose us as the top engineers installing air conditioning in residential properties.

In order to reach some of the rooms we had to conceal pipework by running it through ceilings and walls to a total of four rooms.

We worked around the occupants with every room in the apartment in use, while we carried out the installation with minimal disruption.

Air Conditioning SW7


Recommended by neighbour in same apartment block in Kensington for which we had already installed an air conditioning system.

We installed air conditioning in the master bedroom, living room and kitchen.

The customer wanted to match the theme of the traditional interior in her period apartment with different unit types to best match each room.
We used furniture and floor protection throughout the installation.

The customer was very happy that we treated their home with respect and that their apartment was left clean, neat and tidy.

Living Room Air Conditioning for Earls Court Flat

Earls Court

An unusual installation where there was no obvious location on a flat wall for the two air conditioning units.

As a team we decided to build out small sections of two sloping walls in a sculptural manner allowing both good air circulation and an aesthetically pleasing solution with no visible internal pipework.

Air Conditioning New Build Apartment London, E2

London, E2

Highly insulated new build apartment on the seventh floor with a lot of glass and views over the city.

The open plan kitchen/ living room was hot and stuffy, even when it wasn’t sunny outside. In this flat, there was also the same issue in the bedroom.

The customer chose the positioning of both indoor air conditioning units for his home, in the lounge and the bedroom. Our customer greeted us with many welcome cups of coffee.

The installation was completed in one and a half days with no pipework visible within the property.

We looked after his home using furniture sheets and floor protection. Even Riley the pet dog was pleasantly surprised by the minimal disruption to his day.

Penthouse apartment in Docklands, London E14


We supplied and fitted an air conditioning system for this Docklands penthouse apartment providing them with clean air, allowing the owners to sleep better and to create their own climate within their home.

Work Living Space in SE1 near the iconic Shard building and Borough Market


This newly converted former factory has plenty of natural light due to the extensive glazing, combined with good insulation this has created a literal hot-house.

John contacted us to install an air conditioning system which could make this work living space comfortably liveable during hot weather and sunny days.

They already had a wood stove for the winter months, now they have an air conditioning system both for cooling in the rest of the year and clean air every day.

Installation of apartment air conditioning in Knightsbridge


This client was already used to having air conditioning in her other properties, and called us to urgent install a permanent solution to replace unsatisfactory temporary units.

When we arrived at the client’s flat, she was using portable air conditioning which was very noisy and not working effectively for the size of room.

She was fed up of having large ugly tubes poking out the windows and didn’t want to have to leave the windows open due both to security concerns and traffic noise.

The existing air quality was poor due to traffic pollution mixing with stuffy, warm stale air in the living area.

We responded to her requirements immediately, installing two radiator style air conditioning units which suited the arrangement of her large living area without disturbing the decor and theme of the room.

The work was carried out in one day with the external units discreetly placed on the balcony.

The newly professionally installed home air conditioning system we provided completely changing the dynamics of the air within the room, making it much fresher, cleaner and crisper.

The client commented that her new system immediately cooled the room, circulating and cleaning the air.

Air Conditioning Chelsea SW3


Olivia is an experienced local interior designer and property developer based in Chelsea. She spent a lot of time looking for the right air conditioning team to carry out her challenging installation. As this as for Olivia’s own apartment, with a high end luxury bathroom and kitchen, she was very particular about where to hide the pipework and to position the slimline designer units to compliment the interior while delivering ample levels of performance for the large aspects of the rooms.

On completion of works, Olivia was very happy and was keen to recommend our services to her clients.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe and cable system, allowing installation in as little as one day with minimal disruption, using a floor protection system and dustsheets.

We assist all our customers, to help them find the best solution for their criteria and within their budget.

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