Flat Air Conditioning in Battersea


Previously James couldn’t leave the windows open due to noise, pollution, soot, and particulate matter. In fact when we first met him, this customer pointed out visible signs of pollution around the inside of his windows.

He is used to enjoying air conditioning at work and didn’t look forward to coming home to this stuffy well insulated new build property with lots of glass; which used to get unbearably hot.

James was worried about air quality, our air conditioning installation for his flat gave him a solution to air pollution and control over his flat’s temperature, now that his flat is fully air conditioned using radiator style units.

Air Conditioning in Battersea


Alexander was really pleased with speed and tidiness of the installation. The works for both rooms were carried out in one day.

The customer is very happy with the new air conditioning.

House Air Conditioning in Battersea


The client wanted air conditioning for both cleaner air as well as for cooling and heating.

While the Kitchen/Diner and loft rooms were a priority, the client chose to have the whole house air conditioned as by doing so they were able to save money by having all the units installed at the same time.

Our office worked as a team with the client helping them choose the right design and specification of system for each room, at an affordable price. This ensured they achieved a fully air conditioned house which can be controlled by both app and infrared remote. Care was taken that no pipes or cables were visible in any of the rooms.

One of the client’s key criteria was that she didn’t want sub-contractors or an agency on commission working in her home.

She was pleased to know that we are not an agency and we don’t sub-contract out our projects. Our engineers have worked for us as part of our permanent team for over 10 years.

Once everything had been installed, the client was impressed with just how well the system works.

House in Battersea SW11 Air Conditioning


A fascinating lady Egyptologist, for medical reasons, wanted cool clean air, which she can control all year round in her kitchen/diner which is attached to a conservatory. As she regularly travels to Egypt on research trips, she commented, how quiet and effective her new system is, compared to what she had been used to previously. Her daughter was amazed, how it changed the climate within the room, getting rid of stale air, humidity, odours and making the room feel completely fresh.

Furniture protection sheets were used to protect her valuable antique furniture. The installation was completed in less than one day with minimal disruption.

Home Air Conditioning Battersea

A very well insulated and stuffy terraced house in Battersea. Simply opening windows wasn’t a solution due to traffic noise and air pollution in the area. The customer had tried fans but they didn’t work for her and she didn’t want a temporary system with an unsightly tube sticking out the window.

The customer wanted to sleep better, so called us in to air condition her bedroom. Once we had this first system installed and circulating the air, it changed the whole atmosphere in the room. The customer immediately decided she had to have air conditioning in the downstairs living area as well, to remove odours and condition the air.

Working from home as an opera and classical singing teacher, she now has an air conditioned property, perfect for both visitors and clients.

The customer was especially pleased with the speed of installation, with all internal pipework hidden and minimal mess & disruption.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe & cable system, no ducting required. One day installation with minimal disruption. Fuss-free, dust free. Using a floor protection system & both plastic and cloth dust sheets, we will leave your home spotless – as though we were not even there.

Call us now on 020 7738 8666, or let us show you how your home can be air conditioned in one day