Air Conditioning in Kensington for Period Property

This old Victorian period house in Kensington had air conditioning installed for the first time.

Previously it was very hot and as Richard was working from home he wanted aircon in his home office and at the same time decided to have his whole house air conditioned.

Richard’s dogs were very happy with the air conditioning, we also air conditioned the living area where he has his Peloton bike setup.

House Air Conditioning in Chelsea

Air conditioning for terraced house in Chelsea.

Air conditioning systems were installed for two top floor rooms with all internal pipework concealed.

This was the owner’s first time having air conditioning, she is very pleased with the installation which was completed with no noise, mess or disruption.

Home Air Conditioning Barnes


Another home air conditioning installation in the Barnes/ Mortlake area.

Jim had previously refurbished this terraced period house to be exactly how he wants it.

At the time of the refurbishment he didn’t realise his home would need aircon. After completion with lots of insulation and glass, inside the property was very hot and stuffy.

We helped him select low level radiator style units which suit his home.

We installed air conditioning for his son’s bedroom and the work/ living space, allowing him to work from home in comfort.

The installation for both rooms in was carried out in one day.

House Air Conditioning in Barnes


Lulu had already had this lovely period home refurbished to a very high standard and thought she had missed her chance to have air conditioning installed in her house.

She was delighted to find air conditioning could still be retrofitted with minimal disruption at any time, as she didn’t want to go through anymore disruption.

With no dust and no mess, we installed air conditioning for all bedrooms. We custom matched the units to blend in, matching her wall colour and decor of her unique interior.

House Air Conditioning Fulham


Christian immediately upon meeting us, was very comfortable and decided we were the ones for the job. He wanted air conditioning for multiple rooms in house.

When we arrived to start the installation in February, he decided immediately to air condition another bedroom in addition to the planned two bedrooms and a study.

In the home office we installed a unique Chelsea blue air conditioning unit to match his existing interior. Christian and Jacintha were excited and delighted with our home air conditioning installation which was completed within two days.

They then decided in June to call us back again to add another system to air condition the kitchen, with this being completed within one day.

Being a period property this was the first time for Christian having air conditioning, as well as the first time this period property has air conditioning.

Loft Air Conditioning in Wandsworth


Recommended by Julia, we installed air conditioning in this period terraced house in Wandsworth for Charlie.

Charlie left in the morning for work and arrived home to fresh clean cool air in his home.

This home aircon installation was carried out in one day for the master bedroom and loft room.

Through Julia’s recommendations, we have been contacted from both inside and outside of London, including as far as Dorset and the Isle of Wight!

Air Conditioning for Large House in Clapham


Recommended by Clive, another one of our customers in Battersea.

We installed air conditioning for the master bedroom with a ducted system in the loft space supplying cooling through ceiling vents and controlled using an infrared remote control.

In the second bedroom, as there was nowhere appropriate to conceal a ducted unit, a wall hung air conditioning unit was used.
Julia recommended us to her son, with us going on to install air conditioning in his home in Wandsworth.

House Air Conditioning in West Hampstead

West Hampstead

Air conditioning for modern glass house in West Hampstead.

Lots of glass, extremely hot and stuffy in all the rooms. We installed a ducted air conditioning unit in the attic ceiling void.

Climate controlled system for multiple rooms which totally transformed the top floor of the house.

Home Air Conditioning in Putney SW15


Air conditioning for house on the end of terrace near the river in Putney.

Britt and Peter were recommended to us by Neil, another one of our customers in the area, who lives a few streets away.

We installed air conditioning in two loft bedrooms as well as the master bedroom in this family home.

Britt and Peter worked with the team selecting locations for the units. The installation was completed in two days, they are very pleased with our work and that we looked after their home.

Whole House Air Conditioning NW3


Karmon had air conditioning in her property when she lived in America and is very technically literate.

She wanted her whole house air conditioned, as due to the large amounts of glazing it was getting unbearable in the summer.

She had previously spoken to other air conditioning companies but they failed to give her the confidence that her brief could be carried out.
She was very impressed when we were able to install air conditioning in her house in days; including all the children’s bedrooms, the master bedroom and living room.

The work included concealing pipework both internally and externally.
We worked as a team, delivering her brief in a short period of time with minimal disruption.

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