Home Air Conditioning Wimbledon

Installed a low level air conditioning unit for this particularly hot loft room in Wimbledon. Following our installation Lindsay can enjoy this room year round in comfort.

Air Conditioning Parsons Green

In this house in Parsons Green, we installed air conditioning for multiple rooms including two bedrooms and a loft home office. Julien can now both rest and work from home in comfort.

Home Air Conditioning TW1

We installed air conditioning for multiple rooms for this property in Twickenham including the loft bedroom and main bedroom as well as in the living room and kitchen.

Home Air Conditioning for Detached House in TW10

Installed air conditioning for two loft rooms in this detached house in Richmond. Annie now has control over the temperature for these two top floor rooms throughout the year regardless of season.

Air Conditioning SW19

Making sure all the drama stays on court in Wimbledon, we delivered air conditioning for this top floor baby’s room, serving cool clean pure air.

Now this couple and their baby can relax and enjoy both the tennis and high summer.

Loft Home Office Air Conditioning

Loft room converted to home office which was very hot, stuffy and uncomfortable.

This customer wanted the whole top floor air conditioned and the ability to control temperature and create the perfect environment.

They are now working in a cool comfortable environment

Discrete low level air conditioning were installed for two rooms on a Saturday.

Loft Air Conditioning in Wimbledon


This loft in Wimbledon was unbelievably hot for this couple and their new born baby.

They wanted cooling and clean pure air.

It’s their first time having air conditioning in their home, which has totally changed the room with the installation being carried out in one morning.

Loft Air Conditioning in Wandsworth


Recommended by Julia, we installed air conditioning in this period terraced house in Wandsworth for Charlie.

Charlie left in the morning for work and arrived home to fresh clean cool air in his home.

This home aircon installation was carried out in one day for the master bedroom and loft room.

Through Julia’s recommendations, we have been contacted from both inside and outside of London, including as far as Dorset and the Isle of Wight!

Air Conditioning for Loft Bedroom in Hampstead, NW3


This busy television broadcast journalist and presenter urgently wanted her daughter’s loft bedroom air conditioned.

We were able to install a few days after our initial meeting, with the installation completed within one day.

Loft Air Conditioning Installation Crouch End London, N8

Crouch End

David in Crouch End, London, N8

David called us out for his loft space at the top of the house.

This very spacious bedroom and ensuite were getting very hot as it receives lots of sun and has extensive glazing with lovely views over Alexandra Palace.

The space, was like a greenhouse, with heat coming through the glass, flat roof and rising from the rest of the property.

We installed one slimline designer air conditioning unit to cool the space that goes with the existing interior and decor.

There was minimal disruption, starting first thing in the morning and completed by early afternoon.

The customer can now use this loft bedroom at any time of day and at any time of year.

Whilst testing the air conditioning system, it was great to feel cool fresh air filling the room within minutes of switching the system on.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe & cable system, no ducting required. One day installation with minimal disruption. Fuss-free, dust free. Using a floor protection system & both plastic and cloth dust sheets, we will leave your home spotless – as though we were not even there.

Call us now on 020 7738 8666, or let us show you how your home can be air conditioned in one day