Whole House Air Conditioning NW3


Karmon had air conditioning in her property when she lived in America and is very technically literate.

She wanted her whole house air conditioned, as due to the large amounts of glazing it was getting unbearable in the summer.

She had previously spoken to other air conditioning companies but they failed to give her the confidence that her brief could be carried out.
She was very impressed when we were able to install air conditioning in her house in days; including all the children’s bedrooms, the master bedroom and living room.

The work included concealing pipework both internally and externally.
We worked as a team, delivering her brief in a short period of time with minimal disruption.

Air Conditioning for Loft Bedroom in Hampstead, NW3


This busy television broadcast journalist and presenter urgently wanted her daughter’s loft bedroom air conditioned.

We were able to install a few days after our initial meeting, with the installation completed within one day.

Home Gym Air Conditioning Hampstead NW3

Hampstead NW3

The interior designer, Peggy Prendeville, called on us after finding no-one else wanted or was capable of doing what she wanted to achieve in this unusual property in Hampstead, for her client who has very high standards. 

We worked with Peggy to conceal a ducted air conditioning system within home gym equipment.

The bespoke solution we created cools and filters the gym air, with the client commenting that it enhances the look of the gym equipment, improving the aesthetics with a grille.

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Heating and Cooling 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

Smart controls and latest modern sleek slimline designer units. Now more affordable than ever before.

New microbore and mini pipe & cable system, no ducting required. One day installation with minimal disruption. Fuss-free, dust free. Using a floor protection system & both plastic and cloth dust sheets, we will leave your home spotless – as though we were not even there.

Call us now on 020 7738 8666, or let us show you how your home can be air conditioned in one day